Chapter Nine: On Circularity – Call Out


‘There is singularly nothing that makes a difference a difference in beginning and in the middle and in ending,’ writes Gertrude Stein in Composition as Explanation in 1926, ‘except that each generation has something different at which they are all looking.’ Perhaps the playful circularity of Stein’s writing was less concerned with a formal modernism, and more with queer ways of occupying the present and its differences. To say we live in times of circularity is, then, distinct from claiming that we are trapped in acts of repetition. We do, however, live in times of rupture and dispossession, where shifts feel like precarious acts of improvisation.

This ninth chapter of Something Other explores circularity: not as repetition, but as a movement that reaches into different times, relations and places. Circularity, to borrow from poet Fred Moten, holds various modes of activity: political, social, conceptual, cultural. Circularity as moving through, again, perhaps differently. Circularity as understanding a break as a form of continuity, or an echo or ghost as an active presence. What kinds of circularities do we silence? How do we write within and through circularity? How is circularity a mode of regulation or governance, or one of resistance?

Submission guidelines for this call out can be read here. The deadline for submissions is 10am on Monday 23 March.

Something Other Live

Our performance night, Something Other Live, will take place on Tuesday 28 April 2020 at the Live Art Development Agency in London. We welcome readings, screenings and performances up to 10 minutes long. We invite you to think of this as a chance to experiment and to play, to try something new, or to present something that has been struggling to find a home: to make Something Other Live an opportunity and benefit to yourself as much as possible. Please consider when submitting a proposal that our technical capabilities are limited, and that LADA isn’t a fully kitted venue.

Something Other and Something Other Live are entirely unfunded, and SOL is un-ticketed. We give our time for free and invite donations on the night, with any proceeds raised given to a charity related to the chapter’s theme. Our chosen charity for the Ninth Chapter: On Circularity is The Circle, a charity countering social inequality internationally, especially among women and girls.

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