The Department of Feminist Conversations

The Department of Feminist Conversations is an independent/interdependent project to Something Other. The name is tongue-in-cheek but also deliberate: this is a space for dialogue and collaborative thinking – about art, politics, and how to live, with each other and with environments local and global – through feminist considerations.

We use publishing, live events, workshops, salons, archives and interventions to mobilise, share knowledge, and reflect together about culture and dialogue. Our feminism is anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and trans-inclusive, concerned with care, mutuality and solidarity. It is in dialogue with many other feminisms, current and historical, because difference is a fruitful place to start.

Work by the Department of Feminist Conversations includes:

Letters to the Future: an occasional series of speculative addresses to the future, delivered via Tiny Letter

Collaborations, including:

A response to Tara Fatehi Irani’s Mishandled Archive, with Jemima Yong and Holly Revell of DARC.

A reading/writing workshop responding to adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy, with the Feminist Duration Reading Group.

A Medium site, featuring the following texts:

An opening statement (20.09.2016)

The Department at Tate Modern (30.09.2016)

Some thoughts on the Mother House (4.10.2016)

Notes from the Women’s March, 21 Jan 2017 (24.01.2017)

Conversations I have and have not had about sexual harrassment (3.11.2017)

A series of Encounters, also published on Medium, including an Encounter with:

Dionne Brand

Kate Zambreno

… Hot Brown Honey

Care, money and value

Maggie Nelson and Naomi Alderman

‘Liberty before Liberalism’, by Quentin Skinner

… ‘The Years‘, by Annie Ernaux

… ‘An Ocean of Static‘, by JR Carpenter

Kirsty Housley

A series of Conversations, published on Medium, primarily about live performance, including:

I’m a Phoenix, Bitch, with Rosemary Waugh

Total Immediate Collective Imminent Terrestrial Salvation, with Caridad Svich

Hadestown, with Rosemary Waugh

Emilia, with Caridad Svich