The Northern Powerhouse

Josh Coates reading

Josh Coates

I grew up and now live in  Greater Manchester. Or to give it it’s proper name. The Northern Powerhouse.

This means where I live will get a lot of investment from the government to rebalance the economy away from London.

Over the next 5 years places like Bolton and Manchester will grow into metropolises that will embarrass the foundations these cities and towns were built upon.  This is a plan to build a Northern Powerhouse that rewards work and aspiration

So, the catchphrase.

One Agenda, One Economy, One North.

This is what is happening

The idea of a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ was first introduced in June 2014 by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, in a speech in Manchester. He made the case that the lack of economic and physical connections between the cities and city regions of the North of England was holding back their growth, with significant implications for the national economy. In the Chancellor’s own words: “the whole is less than the sum of its parts…so the powerhouse of London dominates more and more.”

For Osborne, the solution to this challenge is the creation of a Northern Powerhouse – “not one city, but a collection of northern cities – sufficiently close to each other that combined they can take on the world.”

A benefits claimant who has not worked for 25 years trashed a Job Centre in Blackpool and brandished a knife after being told he would lose his payments if he didn’t try harder to get a job.

The aim is in establishing Transport for the north as a statutory body with statutory duties to set out its transport policies and investment priorities in a long-term transport strategy for the North, underpinned by £30 million of additional funding over three years to support Transport for north running costs and enable them to advance their work programme. This includes the introduction of Oyster-style smart and integrated ticketing across bus, tram, metro and rail services throughout the region,

An unemployed man who hadn’t eaten for three days tried to set fire to the job centre – so he could have a meal in police custody. The man,  aged 49, flew into a rage after a row over his benefits payments and set fire to the customer telephones at Moss Side job centre in Manchester

The government is looking at extending Mersey Gateway bridge toll discounts to residents of Chester West & Chester and Warrington, with final decisions to be made in early 2016. In addition, the government will work with relevant local partners carrying out a review of the tolls on the Mersey tunnels.

A DAD whose son died of pneumonia just six weeks after his incapacity benefits were stopped is fighting to have the decision overturned.

The son, who suffered from anxiety, epilepsy and chronic alcoholism, died on January 26 in his Avondale Road flat.

His disability living allowance (DLA) had been axed following an assessment by jobcentre doctors that concluded that he was fit to work.

The DLA payments and housing benefits stopped on December 15 – sinking him into a “deep depression”.

His Father from Formby, Meryside believes the anxiety his son suffered after the Department for Work and Pensions’ decision contributed to his death.

Strong civic government is built on strong civic identity. The government is also committed to developing

the thriving cultural life of the north, and is:

• creating a Great Exhibition in the north, which will celebrate the great art, culture and design of the north

• providing £78 million towards Manchester City Council’s proposal for a new theatre and exhibition space for the community, called The Factory Manchester

• providing £3 million towards arts projects, focused on northern cities including Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle, to commemorate the centenary of the First World War

A man has doused himself in petrol inside the Jobcentre in Ashton-Under-lynee, Greater Manchester. When protestors arrive at their  regular Thursday demo today  were stopped by two claimants who also confirmed it. The man walked into the Jobcentre with a petrol container.. He looked desperate by all accounts.  They cannot say for definite what his exact reasoning behind this was but what we can say is that this man was in mental anguish. . He couldn’t take anymore.  He wanted to show the DWP staff who work at the Jobcentre and who have most likely treated him without compassion just how desperate he had become.  He opened the petrol container over himself and stood there.

£750,000 development funding, matched by industry and education providers, for the new National College for Onshore Oil and Gas in Blackpool

A MOTHER who had been unable to work for 10 years because of back problems took eight times the fatal dose of her medication, an inquest heard.

Blackpool Coroner’s Court was told the mother had suffered from a degenerative back condition and depression for several years and was worried about losing her incapacity benefit in the days leading up to her death, on August 1.

The 57-year-old was found dead in a bedroom at her home in Hazel Grove, Stanley Park, by her son.

£31 million into Energy Security and Innovation Observing System, consisting of 2 sub-surface test centers, one of which will be at the former Shell site in Thornton, North West

A grandad who had just found out his benefits were being stopped shot himself dead – after telling friends he was “unable to cope”. Well-wishers left floral tributes and cans of Stella outside his home in Beighton, Sheffield.

£28 million for a new high value manufacturing catapult centre in Sedgefield, to drive manufacturing-based growth and help rebalance our economy

In Burnley A MAN who had “significant worries” was found hanging in his home by a neighbour.

Not one city, but a collection of northern cities – sufficiently close to each other that combined they can take on the world.

One North. One Economy. One Agenda

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