Composition #1: For Les Slows

10 Particles & Pieces for Les Slows1

[with percussion]2


Play instrumental section from Eden eight hundred and forty times.4

Cover: Sunday by Kenny Graham and His Satellites.5

Cover: Naima by John Coltrane.6

How much of the Köln Concert can you play from memory?7

Here are three chords
Here is one chord
[repeat repeat repeat]8

Have a fight onstage9
Make up on stage
[exit stage]

Interlude: perform a scene from your favourite film/play/performance/sitcom.10

Exit music
[choose your favourite final concert]11

1 An imaginary band. (are imaginary bands the best kind?) From the French for ‘romantic ballads’

“Just as all marines are also riflemen, all band members are also percussionists” From sleevenotes to Space Is The Place

Swordfishtrombones on vinyl/
on repeat/
your favourite 808 loops smudged by static and reverb/
my top Scott Walker songs/
a tape of
A Love Supreme that plays slower at each end/
speeding up as the players lean into the theme.

Eden by Talk Talk (from Spirit of Eden) 1.04 to 1.48
See also Vexations by Erik Satie.
5 From Moondog and Suncat Suites (Trunk Records reissue)
6 From Giant Steps (Atlantic)
7 Oh, Keith…
8 Mark E. Smith, see Simon Reynolds, but also see Hannah Nicklin (
9 I actually saw this once…
10 See of course Yo La Tengo:
11 “Of all the shows on the tour this particular show will remain with us the longest, because not only is it the last show of the tour, it’s the last show we’ll ever do.”

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