Chapter Three: On Emergencies

The deadline for the Third Chapter has passed. The Third Chapter will be published in July 2017. 

Emerge: to come forth, come up, come out, rise
Agency: action personified – to set in motion, drive forward, do, perform

Something Other invites submissions to our Third Chapter: On Emergencies.

Something Other is a collaborative project hosted by Mary Paterson, Maddy Costa and Diana Damian Martin, interested in writing in relation to performance, and the life that writing performs.

For our Third Chapter, On Emergencies, we invite work that reflects on possibility and disaster, experiences on the cusp of arriving and collapsing, memories that fold the future into the present and weave the past into now.

Submissions will be published online in our growing anthology of performative writing; there is also the option to perform or present them at our live event Reading the Internet, where we will be supporting the charity Arts Emergency.

We welcome submissions in all formats, including text, image, video, soundscape, and experiments in between. As indications of our range, which we invite you to extend beyond, you can read our First Chapter on the Something Other site (the Second Chapter will be published by late-May).

We ask that submissions take into consideration the multiple opportunities provided by the digital platform, as well as the technical constraints of our publishing platform (WordPress).

We are interested in writing and other somethings that have a critical engagement with the real world, with performance and art, and language as a material.

Contributors who are based in or have easy access to London are invited to perform their submissions at Reading the Internet, on the evening of June 25 at Peckham Pelican. Please inform us when you are sending your submission if this is something you would be keen to participate in. On the night we will be collecting donations to support Arts Emergency.

Please send submissions to by noon on Monday 12 June 2017. If you have any questions, please get in touch via the same email address.

Unfortunately Something Other is at present unfunded. Everyone involved donates their time in the hopes that any money raised through its work can be donated to charity.

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