by Chris Cleverly, Nicholas Burgess-Jones and Agnès Poitevin-Navarre


We are from different disciplines and have collaborated to rediscover an AUTHENTIC IDENTITY. We are descendants of the Dimensionist Movement of Tamko Sirato and Picabia, Duchamp, Delaunay etc and we re-visit their ideas of how literature can leap from the page and how sculpture can dance, and hence a ReDimensionism.

Like Sirato, we seek to go beyond the three dimensions but also beyond the fourth, Time, with an appreciation of its relativity and to those other dimensions, that are self evident and universally experienced but unmapped, namely, emotion, spirituality, collective consciousness.

Like Sirato, we seek to use the most contemporary technologies but we seek to go beyond even these with hybrid forms of social media, virtual reality and cyber connectivity.We explore to seek and explain the experience of existence. Art is not for the pedestal, it is integral to living and understanding. Art is not an end in and of itself, it is a way of expressing our perception of ourselves and everything around us.

We create what we perceive and what we perceive is created. The observer affects the observed: This is the HyperDimensionist Manifesto.

P.s. We also wear berets

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