by Wm. Green



It took thirty

perhaps forty

seconds, depth

eight or ten


radius three

hundred, lives



or maybe

two hundred

and fifty

the poet

looks up

from his


de-cides to de-lay

the front page


in full of



Was a




to-sing-the-love-of-dan-ger-the-habit-and-fear-less-ness-cour-age-au-da-ci-ty-re-volt-beau-ti-ful-i-de-as-worth-day-ing-for-and-scorn-for-wom-an ; wom-en-are-fur-ies-sem-i-ram-is-joans-of-arc-jeanne-hach-ett-es-ju-sixth-and-char-lotte-cor-days-cle-o-pa-tras-and-mess-a-li-Bas ; ca-the-rine-sfor-za-dur-ing-the-sack-of-her-ci-ty-watch-es-from-the-ram-parts-as-her-en-e-mies-threat-en-the-life-of-her-son — points to her sexual organ and cries loudly kill him i still have the mold to make some more



Eating garlic. Do be careful. Do be careful in eating garlic particularly on an island. There is a fish a devil fish an ink fish which is good to eat, it is prepared with pepper and sauce and we eat it nicely. It is very edible.

How did we please her. A bottle of wine not that doesn’t do it.



To make her shine.

We entwine.

So that.

How do you do.




Section I. is derived from Marjorie Perloff who describes the delay in publication of Marinetti’s notorious manifesto, and also from Claire Bishop who describes the poet’s opportunism.

Section II., line 1 is derived from

Marinetti’s 1909 Founding Manifesto Of Futurism; lines 2 and 3 are derived from de Saint-Point’s Manifesto of the Futurist Woman, 1912.

Section III., is derived from All Right Make it A Series and Call it Marry Nettie, by Gertrude Stein, written while vacationing with Alice B. Toklas in Mallorca, 1916.

Wm. Green

Mallorca, 2017.



Bio: Wm. Green is a very common name.


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