Cheerleading Against Climate Change

by Liam Geary Baulch

As the sea’s temperature increases so does its mass. Will we wait for the rising of the masses or of the sea level before we act on climate change?

The Sea Squad uses cheerleading to discuss climate change, colonialism and capitalism – and acts as a model for action.

Cheerleaders are individuals, working together as a team. They are a rhizomatic network. They are a model of group leadership, making statements in formation. They are power in a union. A body of water is comprised of individual water molecules, each invisble. And yet the sea as a mass contains so much power.

Liam Geary Baulch uses the structures of song, dance and costume in performances discussing climate change, activism and more. Taking influence from folk culture and protest praxis, his work creates characters who are interesting in their internal contradictions, and provide questions about the world. The choreographed events often involve public participation: for instance, for The Deptford Shanty Crew, Liam ran a local community choir to reclaim the area’s history through singing against gentrification. Other projects include a memorial march which he curated through London to remember the Thames Whale.

Cheerleading Against Climate Change was made with artist Holly Hunter and was originally shown as part of the show You’re Surrounded by Me at Turf Projects in 2017. The title comes from a Sea Squad chant but represented topics dealt with by all artists in the show.

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