Ecotone Elements

by Sarah Blissett


These writings trace a poetic imagining of carbon cycles between aquatic, aerial and terrestrial environments, arranged as three ecotones. Alongside quotes from Rachel Carson’s The Sea Around Us, reflections swell around different points of interstitial merging through geochemical processes of transition and planetary ecology. The elemental flow between words and bodies is drawn through figurative and literal waves and currents on the page, creating an open score. Each ecotone can be taken separately and/or performed in any order with material exploration of elements from the text.

1 Evaporation

Ecotone 1 p1

Ecotone 1 p2


2 Condensation

Ecotone 2 p1Ecotone 2 p2


3 Combustion

Ecotone 3 p1Ecotone 3 p2

Sarah Blissett is an artist, writer and dramaturg interested in ecological and philosophical issues of entanglement. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Roehampton where her research involves work with algae organisms, exploring poetic biopolitics and trans-corporeal relation through food-based performance practice.


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