by Liliana Gelman


I began this project when I stumbled upon hundreds of handwritten letters from my past. My intention was to explore through this cherished correspondence certain aspects of memory, to transform somehow the delicate strokes with which family and friends shared moments of intimacy drawing words on air mail paper. In the course of the work the blue writing began to vanish while some papers become little boats, for travel or to sail adrift.



Liliana Gelman was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After graduating in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires, she worked as a designer while also attending research seminars and painting workshops. In 2000, she began to explore the use of photography as a means of artistic expression. Her work has been published in catalogues and magazines as well as book covers. Various works have also been included in private collections in Argentina, Brazil, and Israel including the National Maritime Museum, as well as collections in the USA. She has exhibited worldwide taking part in group as well as solo shows. After living in Haifa in Israel for 7 years, she decided to return to Buenos Aires in 2008, where she taught Visual Arts and Communications. She lives and works in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

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