outside Reykjavik, 2018. Zac Kline

by Zac Kline

The following can be performed by any number of performers,

inclusive casting is encouraged


words or spaces in [ ] are not spoken, but their intention is.







I keep my phone on silent,


at all the times



so, when I take the photograph it doesn’t make a sound



Delancey and Elizabeth


Elizabeth and Delancey



I take the photograph and I think—immediately

about sending it to you, even though I don’t have your sound in my head anymore,

because I like to think, I’ve rid myself of your sound



Delancey and Elizabeth


Elizabeth and Delancey



the photograph has its own noise, black & white

quieter than colour

it’s a noise that I can stand



all I have is noise. all I am—


is noise.



and silence



is my Everest



I think I told you that, one night, early on

when we met up, went


walking               Elizabeth and Delancey,



and ended up going back to your apartment,

you showing me your tattoo for the first time



there wasn’t so much noise back then,


it wasn’t noise, it was sound, it was song



[before I made it noise]



I take another photograph, one that I tell myself,

I won’t want to send to you, but—



I want to turn on my sounds, so I can hear it sending,

a noise piercing through all the others



I close my phone

turn my music up louder


it’s always loud, but it can be louder still




I try to leave it



Delancey and Elizabeth


Elizabeth and Delancey



Walk myself to the cinema on Ludow

so I can have that noise instead, that noise, to drown out all the others



the people waiting for the film are louder than before

the previews louder than before

it’s showing in 35mm tonight

and I hope I can make out the sound of the spools turning

the film clicking away

that will be a better sound

than my phone, my head, my memories, blaring, twin speakers,


all the time


as the feature is about to start, we’re told:


Phones Go Off.


We’re asked:


Do your phones dream?


Do we dream?


Do I dream in silence or noise?

In silent movies?

Are there still silent movies?



there are no more silent movies.


I try to take a silent film:



Delancey and Elizabeth



Ruining it with the sound of memory:



Elizabeth and Delancey



I called you: ‘Elizabeth’ one night,

so I could have your name out loud forever

have in front of me, like the street sign


and you said that was okay,

because it was going to end just the same



You singing:



[          ]



our favourite song



[      ]



knowing every word.



[      ]



Telling me that there is nothing wrong, except


…You keep asking for silence, and I kept asking for [noise]



Delancey and Elizabeth


Elizabeth and Delancey



a car horn yells, a City gets louder


I’m in the cinema on Ludlow, watching a movie alone,

holding the photograph in my hand


asking you outside one night:



Will you stay with me until the credits end?

We don’t have to talk after, we can just be.




as the picture rolls,

I look at the photograph



already sent



Will you stay with me three times longer than the film?

it’s 3 hours and 14 minutes long




but the rest after,


everything after,


it can all be silence.