nothing about us without us

Just One Thing on Top of Another (detail), 2017, Tate n Lyle


by Channing Tatum


nothing about us without us

everything with us above us

nothing without us around us

everything from us around us

nothing into us against us

everything for us plus us

nothing of us throughout us

everything across us after us

nothing against us at us

everything among us before us

nothing throughout us behind us

everything despite us between us

nothing towards us beyond us

everything upon us but us

nothing within us among us

everything around us off us

nothing in us despite us

everything near us across us

nothing at us by us

everything like us for us

nothing about us following us

everything by us except us

nothing through us from us

everything over us in us

nothing before us including us

everything between us into us

nothing following us over us

everything concerning us on us

nothing including us concerning us

everything since us near us

nothing behind us since us

everything beyond us through us

nothing on us without us

everything except us to us

nothing but us towards us

everything up to us under us

nothing out of us until us

everything off us with us

nothing above us within us

everything down us upon us

nothing after us like us




Channing Tatum is the collaboration of Rohanne Udall (b. 1990) and Paul Hughes (b. 1991). Trained in fine art, philosophy, and dance, they undertake artistic, performance and curatorial projects. Their work is produced within and presented across stages, galleries, studios, universities and digital spaces. Recent commissions include stage performance ‘Can You Feel It?’ (PACT Zollverein & Arts Council England, premiering Rich Mix Oct 2019) and ‘Here’s To’ (David Roberts Art Foundation, Frieze Week Oct 2018). They are currently preoccupied with: emotion, gesture, hosting, idiocy, in/sincerity, institutions, materiality, peers, undercutting and critique.

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