Editorial Policy and Submission Guidelines

We welcome writing that is experimental, poetic and peculiar; writing that treats language as a material and a technology.

We are interested in how writing performs, and how it deals with the current political moment, the thickness of now.

We are interested in writing as choreography, craft, performance, art. Writing that explores the potential of language to be, not only to be about. Writing that is a sensory experience, not simply read, but felt.

Although we are interested in writing about and around performance, this is not a space for reviewing. We are interested in writing in the key of reflection, not criticism. Writing as a practice of attention and a translation of experience.

You can contact us via email.

Something Other is unfunded, and everyone contributing does so as an act of collectively exploring different modes of collaborating and knowledge exchange. We work in opposition to the constraints of capitalism, with attention to care and supporting each other’s needs. You can find out more about the exploratory thinking behind this in a longer text by Mary Paterson published elsewhere in SO.

We read all submissions. Please don’t be alarmed if it takes us some time to get back to you.

We welcome submissions to each of the sections on our website:

  • Chapters – themed collections of work responding to our call outs, which are published to a schedule that suits our energies and capacity.
  • In Response – critical engagements with art and politics, that is, life.
  • Histories – creative histories that inspire us. Please follow the format of the histories we have already published.
  • Library of Unfinished Texts – for the writing abandoned over time.

Most of our submissions are in English but we are interested in how languages play together. We generally do not re-publish work, but if you wish to submit a work that has been published elsewhere, please stipulate this with your submission. We are open and interested in nonconforming work, and work that is not constrained by form or genre; we are a project interested in the intersections between writing, critical engagement, performance and the political moment.

Submission Guidelines

We welcome submissions in a wide range of forms: text, image, video, sound, digital experiments. Please bear in mind our publishing platform is WordPress, and we are working with its general constraints.


Please submit text in a Word format. If your text requires a particular layout, high-resolution images are also welcome.  Please title your document with your name, and please make sure to include the title and full credit for the work. Please also attach an image for the cover of your text, and title it with the relevant credit.


Please submit your images in high-resolution, titled in the order in which you would like them to appear. Please include the relevant credit in the title of the image. If the images are not your own, please ensure you obtain permission to use the images. Images copyrighted under Creative Commons for full use are also permitted.


Please submit a link to your video, with a specified title and credit. Please upload your video on You Tube. We will be using the embed code to host the video.

Digital Experiments

We are open to digital experiments in line with our interest in writing that has a critical engagement with the real world, and explores language as a material. When submitting your work, please be aware that we have limited access to coding support, and keep in mind the constraints of our publishing platform. We can collaborate on ensuring the work is supported and presented appropriately.

Do not submit Zip files, Wetransfer files, pdfs or Dropbox links unless this mode of submission has been agreed in advance.

Thank you

Mary Paterson, Maddy Costa & Diana Damian Martin


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