Queue Jumping Costs

Andre Neely reading

Andre Neely

Peter Bucklitsch


The little Syrian boy was well-clothed and well-fed. He died because his parents were too greedy for the good life in Europe. Queue jumping costs


Andre Neely

12 August 2012 · Lisbon · 

Moving to London in 14h.

Queue jumping costs.

The Russian force in Syria is building by the day – latest reports: two dozen jets, nine T90 tank, 2000 people

Is the refugee crisis an Islamic invasion? #refugeeswelcome

they are not Refugees when they have New Cell Phones, Name Brand clothes, $1,500 for a Boat Ride. #refugeescrisis

Whites Welcome ! #RefugeesNotWelcome

REFUGEES=GOATSUCKERS. My Iraq war veterans know this is true.  Poland impresses again!

#WakeUpEurope #immigration #refugeesnotwelcome 


Andre Neely

13 February 2013 · London · 

– Six months ago I was telling everyone I had landed safely. Today I can safely say I’m better than I’ve ever been.

Queue jumping costs.

The initiation for immigrants entering the country should be to fellatiate a pig – it’d keep Islam out for sure!!! #refugeesnotwelcome

Give them a free pass to the North Pole. They’ll make great food for starving polar bears. Save the polar bears! #refugeesnotwelcome


Andre Neely

23 March 2013 · London · 

– Congratulations; University of the Arts London has asked us to tell you that it is offering you a place for Criticism, Communication and Curation: Arts and Design; starting in September 2013.

Queue jumping costs.

#StopIslam #NoSonRefugiados #RefugiadosNoBienvenidos #RefugeesNotwelcome 

Criminal #immigrants loot train & threaten staff. Deport the filthy parasites #RefugeesNotWelcome #edl #ukip #bnp

Criminality by genetic disposition:

1) Blacks

2) Muslim

3) “Latino”

4) Whites

5) Asian

 #immigration #RapeOfEurope #refugeesnotwelcome


Andre Neely shared Kibo Productions‘s event.

2 September 2013 · London

– Hey oh, all of you in London- I wrote the opening monologue for this showcase at the Baron’s Court Theatre. I want to see you there. It’ll be fun and will make you think. Bring friends….

Queue jumping costs.

These are the cowards that can’t fight for their own countries. #refugeesnotwelcome

Muslim migrants to breed with Europeans to ‘conquer their countries’ #refugeesnotwelcome

Europe needs a Dönald von Trump: “We’re going to build a wall and make the Syrians pay for it.” #refugeescrisis #refugeesnotwelcome

Before too long it will be spot the white face in Europe. I want NO part of it.  #blackpeoplenotwelcome

Andre Neely

28 February 2014 · London

– Dear Andre,

Thank you for attending your recent interview for a place on the BA (Hons) Theatre Practice course at Central. We hope you enjoyed the day. The Course Team have reviewed the notes from the interview and I am delighted to inform you that they would like to offer you a place on the Performance Arts strand of the course starting in October 2014.

Queue jumping costs.

Europe Must Unite Against Muslim Invasion. “95% of these people are economic migrants”

They’re animals, how can anyone think they’ll amount to anything but a plague on Europe? #muslimsnotwelcome


Andre Neely shared Tonje Wik Olaussen‘s photo.

17 July 2015. London ·

A Study on the Stillness of Love by Andre Neely

Edinburgh Previews at Theatre503 on Thursday the 30th of July and Saturday the 1st of August at 9pm

ZOO Southside for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 7-22 of August at 8.15pm

Queue jumping costs.

I’d like to see dead syrian refugees’ bodies piled to the sky #refugeescrisis #refugeeswelcome

I’d like to sink one of those Syrian refugee boats so that they all drown #refugeescrisis


Andre Neely

8 hrs ago · London ·

Friends! I’m performing at Artsadmin tonight from 7:30pm. I’ll be Reading the Internet with a bunch of other fabulous artists.

– It’s only £3.

Come around!

Queue jumping costs.

#refugeecrisis They ain’t look like war refugees,they look like “where’s the way to the Free Barbecue??”



Mawuna Remarque Koutonin

Friday 13 March 2015


In the lexicon of human migration there are still hierarchical words, created with the purpose of putting white people above everyone else. One of those remnants is the word “expat”.

“Some arrivals are described as expats; others as immigrants; and some simply as migrants. It depends on social class, country of origin and economic status. Anyone with roots in a western country is considered an expat … Filipino domestic helpers are just guests, even if they’ve been here for decades. Mandarin-speaking mainland Chinese are rarely regarded as expats … It’s a double standard woven into official policy.”

Queue jumping costs.

#refugeesNOTwelcome and they never will be. We will reclaim our homeland from those currently destroying it.


But #expatswelcome

Europe is full of empty houses, golf courts and shopping centres.

Europe is full of fake houses, façades, empty brick. We have fake houses and golf courts and so many festivals and camp-sites and millions in festivals and millions camping and millions camping in festivals but there isn’t enough space.


Europe is full. It isn’t enough and they are too greedy for the good life in Europe, they’re too greedy for a good life, a good life.

I want a good life. You want a good life. We all want a good life. They just want a life.

#refugeeswelcome #refugeescrisis


Peter Bucklitsch


The little Syrian boy was well-clothed and well-fed. He died because his parents were too greedy for the good life in Europe. Queue jumping costs

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