Composition #1: Intro



So, uh, when Chuck plays a gig, he plays with a pickup band, you know, local guys, and one night he was in in town, and we were in town, so we called him up and said ‘don’t go with these other guys, we’ll do it’ and he said yes.

So we’re getting close to show time, and he hasn’t shown up, and we haven’t got a set list. Chuck finally arrives and we say ‘hey Chuck, what’re we playing tonight?’

And he says: ‘We’re gonna to play some Chuck Berry songs.’

He starts up the first number, and it’s in a weird key, so we run over to Steve who knows all the keys, but he shrugs so I say

Well, I guess we’re playing Johnny B Goode.’”2


Fuck me?

Why fuck me?

Fuck me?

Why fuck me, you little asshole, why?

Do you know me personally?

Do you know me well enough….?

That’s what you want to hear?

Did you have a very disturbed youth,

or what happened?

Play the song?



Hi. I’m Tom Petty from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. One two three four…”4


Man, what the fuck are you doing up here on stage? Get the fuck off the stage!”5

“All I can hear is raaaaaaaaaaaar”6

1 One. Two. One two three four.

2 Thanks, Boss.

4 Thanks, Tom.

5 Thanks, Miles.

6 Thanks, Joanna.

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