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“There are still some events worth stifling a yawn for… They are difficult to pin down… to separate from the sludge of spectacle… they consist of people doing odd things in front of others. They are performances. Anyone can do one but once money changes hands their value is again under scrutiny. Sometimes they become theatre, and people sit down and get up and have drinks and sit down and clap and get up again. The performances we cover have been called fringe theatre, performance art and community art. We are responding to, and adding to, a vastly increased interest in these things, but we will be critical in our approach.”

Rob la Fresnais, Performance Magazine Issue 1 (1979)

In action between 1979-92, Performance Magazine documented performance works (broadly defined) largely in the UK. It was an energetic hub for both representing performance but also sparking . ‘Live Art’ – as it has been used throughout the UK to designate cultural practices that escape other types of categorization – came into circulation in Performance Magazine.

Performance Magazine Online archive

Facebook group

Performance Magazine page on University of Bristol Live Art Archives website (part of the larger Theatre Collection archive)

history written by Johanna Linsley

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