Past Life Regression Therapist’s Full Report

by Kate Paul

Past Life Regression Therapist’s Full Report: Charles Carr (CEO)

Dear Charles Carr, CEO,


In my business I have an ethical and a philosophical question both:


                       Who would come back as bodies and not

                       (for example)

                                                                                        Something flat and quiet, like a carpet, instead?


A body’s pains are so difficult to locate, mainly because of the varying densities,

attachment to outside noises


I saw your employee hold hands out

to an alcohol wash dispenser and

none came


(at least she offered)

                                     she said


how service gestures hold themselves,

their response in themselves

Like praying silently to a wailing wall;

Spoken narrative is an emotional moving like an

incantation is


I have another question which is:

Why CAN’T narrative be everything?


One of your problems

(one of Our’s)

Is that we once felt ourselves connected

To the throbbing red outsides


Which became (

And were for her at the time)

For us

Her insides

And Not OUR outsides.


Do you see what I’m getting at?


The wet noise

Synchronous heart squelch

Through water, chewy membranes

Body times which keep outside of sense if we let them.


Charles you have lived many life-times, and I see that you carry the unholding of at least fourteen unheard unborn babies around your shoulder and neck areas. You want me to support your neck(s) but don’t know how to ask. Your neck(s) look unsupported.


I think you need to stop dissolving meaning like this

using senseless terms

(cradle to grave, quality of life services)

to make bodies quieter.

You need to mourn the pains of all your bodies in order to feel those of others’.


A carpet’s density is mostly

Uniform, it is a

Flat surface area spread

Widely there is

No wet skeleton inside

No gums

No soft muscular tissue

No unholding, no bad holds

(memory of)

The white noise of physical aches.


Who would come back as bodies, instead?


Yours sincerely,



[Certified Past Life Regression Therapist]



– your body fallen under a frozen lake

– midwinter, 16th century France,

– pink throat bubbling sick ice to

– get out, silver axes above the head

– Thwack

– But too late! (too quiet)

– Start again

– next life-time you’d be a woodcutter,

– And after this one here

– (now you know why you hate France)

– maybe

– (for all of our sakes)

– you’ll be the wood.

Thank you kindly for using our service




Kate Paul lives in Manchester, where she writes and works as a support worker.