helena cover

by Helena Hunter


Helena was born in Manchester and currently lives and works in London. She has a Master’s in Fine Art from Slade School of Fine Art, University College London and a BA in Theatre and Performance from the University of Leeds. She is interested in how artistic practice can disrupt and reimagine cultural narratives in relation to the increasingly entangled worlds of the human and nonhuman. Her work fosters speculative engagement with dynamic more-than-human agencies that disrupts textual codes and fabricates speculative and disobedient objects, technologies and encounters. She has a collaborative practice Matterlurgy with artist Mark Peter Wright and co-convenes an international collaborative research group on Posthumanism and Art Practice. She has presented her work internationally, this has included group and solo exhibitions, performances, screenings and projects at: ICA, IMT Gallery, Barbican Art Gallery, [space], Art 13 Art Fair (London); Tramway (Glasgow), Manchester Art Gallery (Manchester), mima (Middlesbrough) HIAP Frontiers of Retreat (Helsinki), DAM Projects A_SPACE (London), Jerome Zodo Contemporary (Milan), Bòlit Contemporary Arts Centre (Girona), Lydgalleriet (Bergen), OFF COURSE Art Fair (Brussels) http://www.helenahunter.net/ | https://www.matterlurgy.net/

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