On Correspondence: Call out

Korrespondencë. Korrespondentzia. Korespondencija. Kореспонденция. Correspondència. Currispundenza. Korespondenci. Korrespondance. Correspondentie. Correspondance. Korrespondenz. Corrispondenza. Korespondence. Korrespondanse. Korespondencja. Correspondência. Corespondență. Kореспонденција. Correspondencia. Korrespondens.

Twenty languages and a single word, mutating as it travels across the continent of Europe, spelling and punctuation shifting in curlicues, waves of round Cs punctured by angular Ks and Zs, but always holding tight to an idea of togetherness and response. The movement through and across language reflecting the movement of thought, of ideas, of bodies, across time.

For our seventh chapter, Something Other invites submissions on the theme of correspondence. We’re interested, of course, in what it means in terms of human communication: in the time of instant messaging, video conferencing and mediated socialities, who now takes the time to put pen to paper and correspond by letter? What is gained by this shift and what is lost? What might (no longer) be remembered? Turning to other forms, such as telegrams, gossip, code, we ask how these might speak to marginalised histories of communication, to necessary secrets, or structures of resistance.

Tools of communication aside, we are interested in the correspondences – real or misleading in their neatness – between a period of time past with the present, or between political ideas. Audre Lorde warned of the dangers in “ignoring and misnaming difference”: our seventh chapter wonders what connections might be forged through an attention to difference and the search for correspondence through and across it.

Submission guidelines for this call out can be read here. The deadline for submissions is 10am on Monday 12 November 2018.

A note re Something Other Live

Previous Chapters have been presented both online and in public at our performance event, Something Other Live, which to date has taken place at the Peckham Pelican in south-east London. Unfortunately, technical changes at the Pelican mean it is no longer suitable as host for this event, so the Seventh Chapter: On Correspondence will appear online only. We are currently looking for a new venue in London: any recommendations gratefully received via email, info[at]somethingother[dot]io.

Any queries about this call out can also be sent to the same address.

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