Crazy Christian Woman Loses It Over Gay Marriage – Alex Eisenberg

Alex Eisenberg reading

Alex Eisenberg

HD video screenshot


YouTube videos use a speech recognition software to automatically make captions available users. As well as the captions displaying on the video itself many people don’t realise that a transcript is also generated and available for each video. Since the transcript is generated by computer it is prone to error, often generating incorrect words or making substitutions with suggestions from databases maintained by YouTube and Google. 

This piece uses YouTube’s automatically generated transcript of a video called ‘Crazy Christian Woman Looses it Over Gay Marriage’ to form a verbatim script to be performed – no changes were made to the text generated by computer. 

This video shows the rehearsal and editing process for a live performance of the text that took place at ‘Reading the Internet’ on 22 July 2015, in London.  

Alex Eisenberg  (2015)

Alex Eisenberg is an artist, curator and producer making multi-disciplinary, collaborative work which often involves subtle distortions of the everyday. He works with live performance, participation, documentary and the digital. He works with the Live Art Development Agency and is based in London.

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