Composition #1: Outro Pt2

Outro Pt2. [from blue notebook] 1.1 I have always enjoyed reading about music, art, books. Especially in pre-internet times. When … More

Composition #1: Outro Pt1

Outro Pt1. Composition #1 A Something Other commission proposal 1. A series of text scores online. 2. These text scores … More

Composition #1: Intro

Intro1 1. “So, uh, when Chuck plays a gig, he plays with a pickup band, you know, local guys, and … More

Composition #1: Standards

Standards1 1. Y’know, in hiphop you use samples; in jazz, we play standards. They take old records, flip ’em, turn … More

Composition #1: Ritual

Ritual1 1. Fist bump, power circle Break a leg, sing to dead hare.2 2. Pound a drum Shake bells, rattles, … More

Composition #1: Pregap

Pregap1 1. This is the room where the slow roaring sea was summoned2 This is the room where clatter turned … More